My parents were awesome

Mån 28 December 2009




Inspired by the site My parents were awesome I made good on a 7 year old promise. When I was at university in Norrköping I took a bunch of pictures, developed pictures and dia, from home and promised I would scan these with the school scanner. I never got around to it, and the pictures moved with me to Stockholm. This christmas, 7 years after my first attempt, I decided to finally develop the pictures. I wanted to make a photobook as a gift to my sister Anna.

These are some of the pictures, mostly of my parents Anders and Marie. The first image is my dad who seems very proud of the little red racer boat he had just bought. They only kept the boat one year as it apparently was really unstable and not really suited for rough seas. I remember being really mad at my parents for selling that boat. In the end it was probably a good thing since I probably would have sunk that boat in some adolescent speed run :-)


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