Rule of thumb

Sön 02 Maj 2010
Your mousepad should be at least 20% larger than your computer.

Relaunching Creatables

Tor 22 April 2010
Any day now the new site for Creatables will launch, made by yours truly. The new site is based on Drupal6 and uses some proprietary modules. In the near future it will also include a store based on Ubercart. I'm very excited. Creatables is company started by a friend, Erik Thorstensson, and which specializes on making innovative and well designed products created from waste material. Category: project creatables site drupal

Release party!

Mån 15 Mars 2010
Last week was release party week for Battlefield Bad Company 2! The whole company is riding high on the success of the game. Number one on all the European sales charts! The release party was awesome and held at Restaurang Hotellet in Stockholm. Image courtesy of Finest. Category: games dice ea battlefield

Made in Sthml

Mån 22 Februari 2010
Getting closer to Battlefield Bad Company 2 release date. Ad in Slussen, the subway station right outside the office. Notice burning skyline in the background. Picture from @jbripley's photostream. Snart smäller det... Category: games dice ea battlefield ad sthml

Don't be a n00b

Ons 17 Februari 2010
Awesome video explaining the do's and dont's in Battlefield Bad Company 2 multiplayer made by the guys over at Pixel Enemy blog. A must for anyone who's new to Battlefield in general or playing the demo/beta for the first time. Category: games battlefield dice video

My parents were awesome

Mån 28 December 2009
Inspired by the site My parents were awesome I made good on a 7 year old promise. When I was at university in Norrköping I took a bunch of pictures, developed pictures and dia, from home and promised I would scan these with the school scanner. I never got around to it, and the pictures moved with me to Stockholm. This christmas, 7 years after my first attempt, I decided to finally develop the pictures. I wanted to make a photobook as a gift to my sister Anna. These are some of the pictures, mostly of my parents Anders and Marie. The first image is my dad who seems very proud of the little red racer boat he had just bought. They only kept the boat one year as it apparently was really unstable and not really suited for rough seas. I remember being really mad at my parents for selling that boat. In the end it was probably a good thing since I probably would have sunk that boat in some adolescent speed run :-) Category: pictures fun old

The updated site

Tor 12 November 2009
As you may have noticed, there's been a major update to this site. The main reason is that I've moved all my subsites sharing the same Drupal installation, reducing the work I have to to every time there's an update. I was also quite mispleased with the old design, and the new one should be a bit easier to read and hold up for whatever web browser you decide to use. Even though it might be totally uninteresting for many of you, I wanted to write a bit about the tools I am using. Drupal Drupal is the CMS I'm using. It's an incredible piece of open source software which has an growing and vibrant community. It is also incredibly extensible. There is about 5000 (!) modules and if that's not enough it's really easy to build your own. For this site I've built two of my own custom modules. The first module is the a custom frontpage. I build this as module with a specific url, which is then set as frontpage in Admin -> Settings -> Site information. This way I could easily pull whatever information i wanted from the system, like displaying blog entries and project separately and displaying them differently. Another goal was to make better use of the front page space than simply list nodes in a long column. I also wrote another module to convert images from the the old system, which I converted from Drupal 5, to the new CCK driven imagefield system. If you want to know more there is some background on how to handle CCK fields programmaticly in this article, and this. Blueprint Blueprint is a CSS framework. This means I can spend less time cursing over Internet Explorer 5 or why Safari doesn't float my divs correctly, and more time developing features or concentrating on the actual design. A lot of people doesn't like the way Blueprint works. Mostly because they think mixing in design features like class=span-12 in the semantics interferes with design principle of separating content and presentation. They have a point, but with a language like CSS, if you want to call it that, that lacks aliasing or variable handling making anything more than the trivial cases a coding nightmare. There has been some work in making Blueprint an "offline" tool which is then interpreted or compiled by a Ruby preprocessor into a final form. That would be cool, but right now I'm busy enjoying my fully working cross-browser columns. Drush Drush stands for drupal shell and is a unix command line tool for drupal. It has made my life so much easier in the last few days. In fact, I can only, like Drupal-king Mårten from Denmark, declare my undying love for this tool. Downloading drupal and module is as easy as drush dl drupaldrush dl cck and your done. Keeping your site updated is likewise as easy drush update cck and your done. Don't even have to update the database, Drush does this for you! Read …

Bad Company 2 Beta

Tor 05 November 2009
We announced the closed beta for pre-orders, exclusively on PS3 today. Even though I've been only marginally involved with this game, I've been watching it and participating in our playtests at work. It's going to kick ass! Modern Warfare (COD6), which is our main competitor, has taken so much flack for their design decisions in recent weeks. Anyway, here's is the newest trailer. Category: games dice ea battlefield ps3

Siggraph 2009

Mån 17 Augusti 2009
I came back from New Orleans and this years Siggraph last week. It was very interesting as always, though a little smaller than previous years. No doubt because of the economic situation. Around 20 000 people attended the conference. There was also a noticeable lack of company parties this year. Rockstar and nVidia being notable exceptions. When the movie industry doesn't deliver the real-time people have to step up I guess... In terms of research and presentations there were some interesting stuff. Crytek presented their real time global illumination with light volumes technique. Interesting and impressive stuff. Alot of the stuff reminds me of what we did in my master thesis with lightpropagation. Alex Evans gave, in my opinion, the best presentation in terms of performance (in tough competition with the FIRE! guy) about the rendering and content engine in Little Big Planet. Everything is cloth and simulated every frame. The RSX basicly renders and polygon soup with material properties. For more interesting materials see the course notes from Advances in real time rendering (notes not published yet) and Beyond programmable shading course. The later featured my collegue Johan Andersson talking about Parallell graphics in Frostbite and some experiments with Dx11 compute shader. Category: graphics siggraph technology EA

Bondegatan, here I come

Mån 15 Juni 2009
It's a deal! I just bought an apartment in Stockholm. And that's no small feat if you ask me. An immense 35 square meter one bedroom apartment in a building from the 1880:s. 3.30 meter ceiling height. Here's some pictures from the real estate agents prospect. I'm going try to move in middle of July, then it's back home for my birthday and some vacation. I'm also hoping to get the opportunity to go to Siggraph in August. Category: Personal