Battlefield 3 release

Sön 30 Oktober 2011

Battlefield 3 was finally released into the wild this week. Millions of players are now loose on the servers, finding bugs and testing our systems to the breaking limit. It has been a tough finish for everyone involved, which everyone at DICE, and it's awesome to see the final product. Every time I start the game I can't help to think that it's going to crash though. I guess when you only work with bug fixing, like the last months, you rarely see the game running flawlessly. That feeling will probably go away with time though :-)

Also I have switched roles at DICE and I'm now part of the rendering group of the Frostbite team! For me this means I can concentrate more on tech related stuff which is my passion. It really is an awesome thing, to work with really smart people and doing what you love!

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